Makhmur handmade bags are designed to become a stylish garment of your everyday and special apparels. Makhmurs are stylish and practical. Each model is designed according to the fashion trends harmonized with the unique needs of the embodiments. 

Makhmurs have a number of features that make them stand out

- handmade work of Armenian production

- professional craftsmen's involvement in each stage of bag's creation

- handmade wooden buckle

- high quality fabrics 

- solid lining

- fine handmade embodiment with silk muline threads, beads and natural pearls 

- high quality metallic furniture 

- fabric storage bags

- delivery to every part of the world

- each bag is produced in limited quantity




Makhmur is founded by Arpi, who is a famous Armenian singer and songwriter. The brand was established in 2021 and got an immense interest. Makhmur handmade bags of Armenian production stand out with their unique design, patterns and color combinations, designed to complete everyday and special outfits.